Thursday, October 21, 2010

muet= lebam

8:27 AM
muet is coming this 13 nov 2010.
but sincerely i have forgotten the way to answer those coming questions.
with many gramatical error and the linkers bla2..
the first session is reading skill
then  writing skill
then listening.
 guest what? i really feel like a fool stupid superb.
they required the bombastic verb. and that has cause me suck's feeling. lebam!!
i studying foundation of sciences and has left this english lesson for too long.
but believe me when those day come.. i will 'kerjakn kertas tue" untill no space were left out
haha muke ku biru kerna lebam.

terpaksa memilih antara lappy kesayangan atau buku itu...

kesibukan menjelang muet

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the secret of the old mill

12:56 AM
this assasian break aku sdg menhabiskan satu buku novel written by franklin w.dixon. the secret of the old mill.

cerita yg mengisahkan hardy's boys who would to spent their time investigating somethings that very confuse to them.
salah satu pages my aku gemar..

''that's right,'' chet sai excitedly. ;; i have been thinking that maybe i could get a summer job at elekton.''
mr. morton exchanged amazed glances with the hardy at the thought of chet working during the summer vacation. but with the growing enthusiasm, chet went on.
 ''i could earn the twenty dollars i owe you, dad. besides, if i am going to be a scientist, i couldnt think a better place to work.

'' elekton's a fine company ,'' his dad said. guluck son.''
''thanks dad,''.

why it attracts me? nilai murni yg wujud dlm dialog tue jew...
tue je la pon
anyway, sama kisah ngan aku. wants to find a job during this break but smpai skang perasaan malas menghantui.
mcm ne nak bg rajin aku pon xtau.

Monday, October 18, 2010

africa meet 3 souls

8:10 AM
people should be thank full , even an animal can remember it. so how could u?

jgn jadi manusia yg xkenang budi la sng cite..

Thursday, October 7, 2010

moto gp race

11:20 AM
moto racing datang lagi ..
dtglah berama -ramai di klcc dpd jam 10 pg- ptg kot boleh jumpe dengan moto - moto kesayangan anda di sana.bukan tapi minah2 model moto tue lg hot dpd moto
sedap jgak mata memandang bg lelaki.huahahuahu..
so to whom tat loves motobike very much come and have a great pleasure in klcc