Sunday, January 30, 2011

dia lelaki spiko...!! saya takot...

10:48 PM
lately, iam as so depressed.. sbb my no. telah di jual beli oleh pihak2 yg sgt2 xbertanggungjwb.. wat to say if i got the person.. mmg mati xsmpat mengucap org tue.. blieve me.. die jual no saya hmpir 1 msia.. hehe mybe  i am so famous.la.. ok as for me masalah salah no. nie mmg la makin jadi2.. oi.. nak berkenalan agak2 la.

" eh, sory silap no..." then terus layan jew.. mmg gatal sape suruh.. well, it human destiny.. teenages mmg pon .. well saya xgatal ok..tp there is some guy which made me ver annoying just bcoz i just reply his sms xbermakna " ceq syok kat hang".. haha.. ok he stalk me very well...smpai duk mane.. name mak, bapak, how many ppl in my house... he is so insane.. seriusly when i notice his attidue yg mencurigakn.. i stop reply anything.... so benda nie has stop about a month,... then, 5days ago, he is back.. HE IS BACK.. N ACTING LIKE SALAH NO. IN DIFFERENT VOICE he call me...agaknye he is in dellusion.. beli no baru plak.. pretend a new person.. seriusly if he kacau me lg.. i will make a police report...

to made it clear, it is not im not interested in a friendship with u , but the way u show ur self sgt2 made me scared.. sory!!

lovely thought about live

5:54 PM
Lovely Thoughts About Life

A short walk is so difficult,
 when no one walks with you.
 But a long journey is just like few steps
 when you walk with someone
 who loves and cares for you.


 We always look and care for the person
 who we love the most.
 But we fail to look back at those
 who love us the most.


 Death’s not the greatest loss in life..
 The greatest loss is when
 relationships die inside us while
 we are still alive...


 Life is not about the people
 who act true on your face.. 
 Its about the people who
 remain true behind your back..


 Time decides whom you meet in life…
 Your heart decides whom you want in life..
 but your behaviour decides
 who will stay in your life...


 You can win life by all means..
 If you simply avoid two things...
 1. Comparing - with others
 2. Expecting - from other
 Life will be more beautiful!!

Apologizing does not mean that you are wrong and the other one is right...
It simply means that you value the relationship much more than your ego .." 
Being Kind Is More Important Than Being Right..