Friday, February 4, 2011

should i midnite at mcd kl central???

9:42 PM

omg! ticket aku pukul 3.15 pm, which i tink i will arrive at 8.00 pm near bkt. jalil. how on earth i gone to survive if there no bus after 9.00 pm at shah alam. ? so aku perlu lah tido dijalanan alone... i swear aku blom penah tido sorang2 kat luar tue..

now im confuse. now im feeling so alone and rasa sgt2 stress out. im feeling so differ right now. im just to different. well this is not me. selalunya i will alway got many backup plan. right now, aku rasa aku hanye perlu pasrah.
ble pikir2 balik rasa xde la seram sgt.. kn?hahhaaaaa...

bkn xde yg nak tolong, lulu sgt baik n offer himself to help me if i need somenone tat night. haha baik sungguh kwn2 aku nie.. tp rasa mcm sgt bersalah pulak menyusahkn org. i tink mcm aku nie teruk sgt.

actually dpd perak i choose to take arwana n adelah my  someone temankn smpai kl. tp die pon ade class esok. xkn nak teman aku skali kat kl central.. he is also study kat kl. mybe will accompany me untill at kl central jew..
n then, begin la my lonely journey. well wish me gudluck then.. if selamat smpai pagi at my beloved palam bolehlah kite jumpe lg.

setelah dipikir2, i tink mcd jee la tmpat paling selamat.
if not please said to my mum " i luv her so much"....



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