Friday, April 22, 2011

cari kerja smpai ipoh?

6:11 AM

i walk along the street like alway i did. bt really the habit actually. im trying to find some vacancy. yeap this going to be though bcoz i have no working xperience. wake up early but keciwa jgakk... after walk n walk at manjung. i did not get a job.
the nxt mornink i waku up again.. this time i got it. i really got it. but balik malam pulak. this is wat mummy said." farah tue perempuan xmanis anak gadis balik malam2" org tgk pkir lain pulak"
n i said " mummy!! im not agro gro."
camne nie.. poket nak kering., wat im going to do.?

bkn mata duitan. WELL NO MONEY U GOT NO LIFE.
then i got a job as clerk. KERANI BEB!! i am also the dealer for personal loans. kira syarikat pinajman wang berlesen la.HAHA... but look mum ckp pe...
" farah u sure ke nak keje. mummy risaula. entah2 ALONG X?"" jeng2... omg dpd xcited i felt xjd nak keje. btol jgak mummy ckp. silap2 kne jual pulak. abis krg xdpt tgk aku lg.. mesti rindu.
if possible nak mcm
then i decide to work at ipoh. ara's mum offer to stay at their house. tat was so awsome to
hmmm but tue menyusahkn org namanye. well i dont felt good.
so xjadi la. just jln g umh ara..mkn2 angin...

dlm j.j
clearly dlm.. toilet.haha
ok.. back to story.. i end up pulang ke manjung. pasal nak cari duit.. i ask zainal so die ckp...............................



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